Akron Abrasion Tester

Characteristics and Usage: Akron abrasion tester is used for testing wear-resisting property of vulcanized rubber. Friction between sample and grinding wheel at certain leaning angle and load, the machine tests abrasion volume of sample at a certain range. The machine complies with GB/T 1689 ‘Test for Wear-Resisting Property of Vulcanized Rubber’ standard requirements. Digital setting,…


DIN Abrasion Tester

Characteristics and Usage: DIN abrasion tester, is used for testing wearing resistance of rubber tire, rubber shoes and rubber belt to identify quality of rubber products. Rubber materials carry on friction with gauze under the effect of load during test, in order to test abrasion value of sample within the set range. It complies with…


Mooney Viscometer

Characteristics and Usage: The machine complies with GB/T 1232 ‘Test for Mooney Viscosity of Unvulcanized Rubber’, GB/T1233 ‘Test for Early Vulcanizing Characteristics of Rubber  Mooney Viscometer Law’ and ISO289, ISO667 standard requirements, used for testing nature rubber and gross rubber in viscosity, premature cure, vulcanization value and so on. Micro-computer control, data display and automatic…


Rotorless Rheometer

Characteristics and Usage: The machine complies with GB/T16584 ‘Rubber—Rotorless Rheometer to Test Vulcanizing Characteristic’ requirement, ISO6520 requirement and standard requirement of T10, T30, T50, T60, T90 data. The machine is used for testing characteristics of unvulcanized rubber, and finds the best time for vulcanizing of the rubber. The machine adopts imported intelligent digital temperature control…