Characteristics and Usage:

Akron abrasion tester is used for testing wear-resisting property of vulcanized rubber. Friction between sample and grinding wheel at certain leaning angle and load, the machine tests abrasion volume of sample at a certain range. The machine complies with GB/T 1689 ‘Test for Wear-Resisting Property of Vulcanized Rubber’ standard requirements. Digital setting, abrasion times display, automatic stop, combine main unit and electrical appliance control together. Perfect structure, convenient operation, it is the newest advanced testing machine at home.

Technical Parameters:

   1.      Acting Force of Rubber Wheel:26.7N

   2.      Swiveling Speed of Rubber Wheel Axis: 76±2r/min

   3.      Swiveling Speed of Grinding Wheel Axis: 33–35r/min

   4.      Angle Range of Rubber and Grinding Wheel Axis: 0°–45°

   5.      Power: AC220V±10%

   6.      Shape Size: 600×480×400

   7.      Weight: 60Kg