Characteristics and Usage:

Melt flow indexer is used to test melt flow index of all kinds of high polymer in viscosity flow. Under certain temperature and load, the melt’s quality and volume through standard neck ring mold is indicated with MFR or MVR. It is not only suitable for polycarbonate, polyarylester, fluoroplastic, nylon and other engineering plastics, but also suitable for polythene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS resin, acetal resin and other lower fusion temperature plastics. It is widely applied to plastic production, plastic products, petrochemical industry and relative college, scientific research department and commodity inspection department. It conforms to GB/T 3682 ‘Test for Flow Speed of Melt Quality and Volume of thermoplastic plastics’ and ISO 1133 standard requirement.

Technical Parameters:

    1.      Temperature Range: 0–300

    2.      Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.5

    3.      Temperature Resolution: 0.1

    4.      Charging Barrel Diameter: Φ9.55mm±0.025mm

    5.      Neck Ring Mold Inside Diameter: Φ2.095mm±0.005mm

    6.      Power: AC220V 50Hz

    7.      Shape Size: 250mm×400mm×500mm

    8.      Net Weight: 34kg