Characteristics and Usage:

HDT & VICAT Testing Machine is used for testing Vicat softening point temperature and heat distortion temperature of polymer material. As a mark of controlling quality and identifying thermal property of new product, testing distortion with dial test indicator, setting heating speed with temperature controller, automatic rising and descending of sample shelf, it can test three samples at a time. Design novel, figure artistic, and reliability high. It complies with GB/T 1633 ‘VST Test’, GB/T1634 ‘Plastic Bending Load Heat Distortion Temperature Test Method’, GB8802 ‘PVC-U Tube and Pipe Vicat Softening Temperature Measuring Method’ and ISO75, ISO306, ISO2507 standard requirements.

Technical Parameters:

     1.      Temperature Range: room temperature – 300

     2.      Heating Speed: 12±1/6min 5±0.5/6min

     3.      Maximum Temperature Error: ±1

     4.      Distortion Measuring Range: 0–1mm

     5.      Distortion Measuring Error: 0.01mm

     6.      Heating Medium: Methyl silicone oil

     7.      Heating Power: 4kW

     8.      Cooling Mode: Natural cooling above 150

                                        Water cooling or natural cooling below 150

     9.      Power: AC220V±10% 20A 50Hz

     10.  Shape Size: 720mm × 700mm × 1380mm

     11.  Weight: 180kg