PIT-C Charpy impact for metal

PIT-C Series Pendulum Chaypy Impact Testing Machine (150J-450J)

    Function: This machine is used for measuring the Charpy impact resistance of metal and other material. Features: 1.     The whole system is stable, reliable and accurate. It is easy-to-use and high efficiency 2.     Optional LCD display type, computer display type and instrumented type are available 3.     The pendulum can automatically return to original…


HUT Series Type A Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

 Load Frame Configuration: 4 or 6 column, servo-controlled hydraulic Capacity: 200kN, 300kN, 500kN, 600kN, 1000kN, 2000kN Test Space: Dual Zone (Tension on top, Compression on bottom) Typical specimens: Fasteners, Rebar, Chain, Welds, Castings   Features: »         This series of testing machine comprises a line of robust static-hydraulic systems for meeting higher force testing requirements »        …