PIT-C Charpy impact for metal



This machine is used for measuring the Charpy impact resistance of metal and other material.


1.     The whole system is stable, reliable and accurate. It is easy-to-use and high efficiency

2.     Optional LCD display type, computer display type and instrumented type are available

3.     The pendulum can automatically return to original position for next impact

4.     Electromagnet can lock the pendulum tightly

5.     The pendulum height and weight are precisely designed, ensuring high accuracy

6.     It is convenient to change striking knife to meet ISO and ASTM standard

7.     High precision bearing with small friction

8.     Round shape pendulum design effectively reduces wind resistance

9.     PLC controls for pendulum action with high accuracy


ISO R148, ISO R83, EN10045, ASTM E23
1. Max impact energy:150J, 300J, 450J
2. Pendulum moment:80.3848 N.m, 160.7695 N.m, 241.1543 N.m
3. Angle resolution:0.1°
4. Angle of striking:150°
5.  Distance from the axis of support to the center of percussion: 750mm
6. Velocity of striking:5.2m/s
7. Support span:40mm
8. Radius of curvature of supports:2.5mm
9. Angle of slope of supports::0°
10. Angle of taper of supports:11°±1°
11. Radius of striking edge:2-2.5mm
12. Angle of striking tip: 30°
13. Thickness of striking :16 mm
14. Specimen dimension (Length x width x height):

55×10×10mm, 55×10×7.5mm, 55×10×5mm
15. Dimension (length x width x height): 1950×575×1460mm
16.  Weight:600 kg
17. Power consumption:800W
18. Power requirements: 3-phase, 5-line, AC 380V±10%  50Hz