PIT-D Charpy impact

PIT-D Pendulum Charpy Impact / Izod Testing Machine (300J-750J)

Model:PIT752D-2(LCD type),PIT752D-3(computer type),PIT752D-4(instrumented type) Maximum energy:750J (optional 300J,450J,600J) Function: This machine is used for measuring the Charpy impact resistance of metal and other materials. Features: 1.      One-body cast frame design of seat and column provide high stability and rigidity 2.      Front and rear columns are symmetrical. Pendulum arm is designed of cantilever beam support, with…


HCT-B Series Servo-hydraulic Compression / Flexural Testing Machine

  Capacity: 600kN, 1000kN, 2000kN, 3000kN, 5000kN Functions: This series of compression testing machine is widely used for compression strength determination of cement, concrete and rock. Equipped with optional fixtures and measurement devices, it can be used for concrete splitting tensile test, flexure Standards: BS EN 12930.4, ASTM C39, GB/T 50081(Part 6) Features: Load frame…