Compression Testing Machine for Package and Containers

Description :

This machine is incorporated with a high accurate load cell and a CPU, Due to these device, you can directly read the value of force on the display. It’s the most convenient tester for compression test of containers, cartons, etc.


Function :

Unit changeable : kg, lb, g, N, cm, mm, ft, in, kg/cm², MPa, bar, N/mm²

Results : Ultimate value, Stress, Compare Diagrams, Average Value, Standard Deviation.


Control Unit :

1)     Emergency shut down button, over load protection (auto stop) function equipped and return to the specified position automatically.

2)     Maximum capacity protection.

3)     Control mode of operation : auto/,manual function changeable.

4)     Automatic endpoints: the tester stops automatically while specimen breaks.

5)     Display of testing parameters:

  • Value and real-time curve, available to display and switch from computer.

6)  Code protection and self calibration in software


In Accordance with the Standards of :

TAPPI  T804, ASTM D642, BSEN ISO 7500:1


Specification :



2 Ton, 5 Ton or request


kg, lb, g, N, cm, mm, ft, in, kg/cm², MPa, bar, N/mm²




Within 1%

Test Space




Speed of Compression

Variable Speed

(Common speed 12.7mm/min)