Standard Weather Meter




·         Lighting Source : Enclosed Carbon

·         Inside Dimension (WxHxD) : 1000x900x1000mm

·         Outside Dimension WxHxD)1300x1300x2000mm

·         Testing Time : 40Hrs

·         Testing Voltage : 120V – 145V

·         Testing Current : 15A-17A

·         Specimen Drum : 800mm Diameter

·         Drum Rotation Speed : 1 RPM

·         Temperature range : RT + 10oC ~85oC

·         Temperature uniformity : ±0.5oC

·         Temperature indicator : ±0.3oC

·         Humidity Range : Dry at 40oC, RH is 40-85%
Dry at 80oC, RH is 30- 50%

·         Rain Period : 60min, 12min spraying time or
120min, 18min spraying time

·         Black Panel : Constantly 63±3oC or83±3oC

·         Power Consumption : 220V single phase 5KW

·         Accessories : Toshiba carbon rod 50 pcs
(Made in Japan)                              

       Glass filter, 1pc
       Black panel Temperature gauge
       (KCI 0-120oC), 1 pc
       Specimen rack : 2 layers for
       40pcs sample (50 x 50 mm)


This Standard Weather Meter is designed to test a wide range of materials including: Plastic, Rubber, Films, Packaging materials, textiles, Leather, Adhesives, Medical products printing, synthetic glass, paints, ink, and others pigments industries etc. in an accelerated test to find out the impact of ultra-violet rays on lightproof and discoloration of materials.

Through advanced technology and quality engineering our manufacturer has produced this Weather meter which is accurate and easy to use. Powerful as a stand alone unit, the weather meter capability is enhanced by the functionality of connecting it direct to a standard recorder and obtain a comprehensive test report .This Weather Meter can be used in laboratory and factory environments.


Our manufacturer guarantees the resolution and accuracy of the machine by providing a traceable calibration certificate free of charge.


International test standards related as following :
CNS : A-3076, A-3158, Z-8015
JIS : A-1415, B-7752, D-0205, H-8685, K-5400, Z-0236
AATCC : 16, 111
ASTM : D-529, D-750, D-822, D-1419, D-2263, G-23
BS : 1006, 3900
FED. STD : 141
ISO-R : 878, 879



** Specification are subject to change **