Salt Spray Tester




·         Testing Methods : NSS, ACSS, CASS

·         Inside Dimension (WxHxD) :900x500x600mm 

·         Outside Dimension ( WxHxD):1420x1280x780mm 

·         Temperature range : 35±1oC or 50±1oC

·         Volume : 270 liters

·         Test Specimen : 150 fits 48 pcs ( 150x70mm)300 fits 30 pcs ( 150x70mm )

·         Solution Tank capacity : 30 Liter

·         Testing Time : 180 Hrs 

·         Power Consumption : 220V single phase 6KW


·         Temperature control uses P.I.D temperature controller within ±0.5oC accuracy

·         Five direction heating system to ensure heat distribution within ±1oC

·         Highly advanced spray nozzle with accuracy of spray misting within ±0.3ml/80cm2.

·         Its well designed to comply Hunter Principle to maintain its humidity during saturation of hot air and moisture conditions.

·         Safety buzzer/device for low test fluid level, and alarm timer included.

This Salt Spray Tester is designed to test a wide range of materials in coating industries, electroplating industries, films of organic and non-organic materials, anodizing, anti-rust oil and corrosion resistant treatment industries and etc to test the surface treatment on their corrosive rate.

Through advanced technology and quality engineering, our manufacturer has produced this Salt Spray Tester which is accurate and easy to use. Powerful as a stand alone unit. This Salt Spray Tester can be used in laboratory and factory environments.

Our Manufacturer guarantees the resolution and accuracy of the machine by providing a traceable calibration certificate free of charge.

International test standards related as following :

JIS : D-0201, D-0205, H-8681, K-5400, Z-2371

ASTM : B-117, B-287, B-368, D-380
BS : 1224, 3900
DIN : 40046, 50021, 53167, 58390, 70040
ISO : 1456, 3768, 3770
MIL Std : 202E-101D, 810C-509, 750B-1014, 1046, 883-1009
NF: X41-002 (F)
IEC : 68-2-11
CNS : C-6014, H-2040, H-2041, Z-8026
FED. Std : 151A/811, 141A/6061


**Specification are subject to change**