This equipment is a portable measuring instrument that can quickly and without injury, sophisticated manner Tu, coating thickness gauge. Can be used laboratory and the construction site. Through the use of different probe, to meet the needs of a variety of measurements.


The equipment used magnetic and eddy current two thickness measurement method, non-destructive measurement of magnetic metal matrix (such as steel, iron, steel alloys and hard-magnetic, etc.) on non-magnetic coating thickness (such as aluminum, chromium, copper, enamel, Rubber, paint, etc.) and non-magnetic metal matrix (such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, etc.) on non-conductive coating thickness (such as: enamel, rubber, paints, plastics, etc.).
This equipment can be widely used in electroplating, anti-corrosion, aerospace, chemical, automobile, shipbuilding, light industry, commodity inspection and other testing areas. Professional materials is necessary to protect the equipment.

Main Specifications

The use of ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40
Power: nickel-metal hydride batteries 9V
Appearance size: 150 × 80 × 30mm
Weight: 300 g
Measuring range:



F10:   0—10mm



Measurement error:

F1.N1.F1/90——-± 2%H+1 two point calibration precision 1%

 F10—-±2%H+10          two point calibration precision 1%

F400.N400—–± 2%H+0.7  two point calibration precision 1%  

Note: H – nominal value

Main features

Can use various probe (F400, F1, F1/90 °, F10, N1, N400, etc.) measurement;
Three calibration methods: one point calibration, two point calibration, the basic calibration;
Display resolution: 0.1 μ m (measuring range of less than 100 μ m)
1μ m (range greater than 100 μ m)
Have five statistics, data storage 500
There are two working methods: direct ways and means of group
There are two measurements: continuous measurement and a single measurement
There are two shutdown: manual and automatic shutdown shutdown
Can be set Bound: The gauge of the measured value can be automatic alarm and a number of measurements available on the histogram value analysis;
Deleted features: the gross error and error settings can be deleted;
A music tone in the operation carried out at any time tips
A power supply under-voltage direct function
An error function

Basic configuration:


Main frame                 1

Substrate                    1

Calibration   foil          5

9V Battery                   1

Probe F1/N1               1

Manual  Instruction      1