This equipment is a portable measuring instrument that can quickly and without injury, sophisticated manner Tu, coating thickness gauge. Can be used laboratory, construction site.



The equipment used swirl thickness measurement method, non-magnetic metal matrix (such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, etc.) on non-conductive coating thickness (such as: enamel, rubber, paints, plastics, etc.). This equipment can be widely used in electroplating, anti-corrosion, aerospace, chemical, automobile, shipbuilding, light industry, commodity inspection and other testing areas. Professional materials is necessary to protect the equipment.

Main Specifications


The use of ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40

Power: nickel-metal hydride batteries 9V
size: 150 × 80 × 30mm
Weight: 300 g
Range: 0 ~ 1500 μ m (2% H +1)     ± measurement error:


Main features


Calibration of two kinds: one point calibration, two point calibration
Display resolution: 0.1 μ m (measuring range of less than 100 μ m)
1μ m (range greater than 100 μ m)
Have five statistics, data storage 500
There are two working methods: direct ways and means of group
There are two measurements: continuous measurement and a single measurement
There are two shutdown: manual and automatic shutdown shutdown.
Can be set Bound: The gauge of the measured value can be automatic alarm and a number of measurements available on the histogram value analysis;
Deleted features: the gross error and error settings can be deleted;
A music tone in the operation carried out at any time tips
A power supply under-voltage direct function







Main frame                 1

Substrate                    1

Calibration   foil          5

9V Battery                   1

Probe N1                     1

Manual  Instruction      1