Model LDQ-350 specimen cutting machine is a kind of floor type large
specimen cutting machine which is designed as per EUROPE health and
safety standards and produced importing advanced processing technology.
The machine consists of cutting system, illuminating system, cooling system &
cleaning system and the whole system ensures easy operation for large size
workpieces, non-destructive cutting of structure and the safety of operator.
This machine is especially suitable for using in colleges, automobile
industry, steel processing industry, laboratories & material researching

Technical specifications:
1. Motor: 4KW
2. Max. cutting diameter: Ø110mm
3. Equipped with T-notch wide worktable. Special clamping means may be
chosen for processing of large size specimen
4. Distance between worktable and sand wheel: 150mm
5. Equipped with 80L cooling liquid tank.
6. Water-jet type cleaning function
7. Independent illuminating system
8. Imported advanced gate type safety switch
9. Power supply: 380V or 220V, 50Hz
10. Dimensions: 1015 x 780 x 1720mm