Model DTQ-5 Low speed precise specimen cutting machine is suitable for the
precise cutting of various hard materials. It is especially suitable for the precise
cutting of all kinds of small metal, non-metal pieces and various electronic
components. This machine can be equipped with diamond saw blade and
other resin blade so as to meet the demands of cutting of various specimens.
Many specimen clamping grippers are equipped with this machine and it can
realize the positioning cutting at best angle for the workpieces. It can also
realize workpiece processing without being watched. The main shaft features
high running speed and the horizontal feeding position of the workpiece being
processed can be adjusted precisely. It is the ideal metallography specimen
preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research institutes and
laboratories of colleges.

Technical specifications:
1. Movable stand travel: 25mm
2. Positioning accuracy: 0.01mm
3. Rotating speed of main shaft: 0-700 rpm.
4. Diameter of blade: Ø100mm – Ø150mm
5. Power supply: 220V/110V, 50Hz
6. Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 20 cm
7. Weight: 18.5 Kg