Electromechanical Universal Test Machines

(Corrugated Box & Container Compression Testing Machine)



wide machine

Electromechanical universal test machines are our most popular test machines and are configured by an applications engineer to match your needs. Several different controllers and test software options make it possible to perform a wide range of tensile, compression, shear, flexure, peel, adhesion, friction, tear, cyclic, and flexural bend tests.

QC-H wide width universal test machines are configured to each customer needs including performance, flexibility, simplicity and affordability. The QC-H frame is available in ratings of 20 and 50 kN. Computerized and stand alone controllers are used to match expectations for test setup, data capture, monitoring, analysis and test reporting. The load frame features robust high quality dual column ball screws selected for full scale loading. A high resolution digital encoder measures and control crosshead travel, speed and position. Precision servomotors deliver rated forces and test speeds. One or more load cells are selected to match test resolution needs. Note that other QC-H series load frames can be made to customer requirements.

Two ratings available – 20 kN and 50 kN
Speed at Full Load
200 mm/min
Column Clearance
1000 and 1200 mm
1000 mm
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