Model XQ-2B Metallography specimen mounting press is suitable for the
thermohardening plastic pressing of the small metallography specimen which
is not idiomorphic or hard to take. After forming, it will be very easy to process
the grinding, polishing of the specimen and it is also convenient to process
measuring of metallographic structure under metallographic microscope. The
machine may work stablely under the following working condition:

1、The temperature of surrounding medium can not be less than
10 °C and more than 40 °C;
2、The relative humidity of air should be no more than 85% (20 °C);
3、There should be no obvious vibration source around ;
4、There should be no current conducting dust, explosive and
corrosive air.

Technical specifications:
1. Diameter of specimen: Ø22×15mm, Ø30×15mm, Ø45×18mm
2. Heater: 650W, 220V
3. Temperature adjusting range: 100-180 ºC
4. Control power supply: 220V 50Hz. The voltage fluctuation should
be no more than 15%.
5. Dimensions: 34 × 27 × 40 cm
6. Net weight: 33Kg