Characteristics and Usage:

Simple-beam impact tester is used for testing impact ductility of hard plastic sheet, tube, special pipe, nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics, cast stone, electric insulating material and non-metal materials. It complies with GB/T1043 ‘Hard Plastic Simple-Beam Impact Test Method’ and ISO179, ISO9854-1, DIN8078, DIN53453 requirements. Convenient, accurate and artistic, it is perfect testing equipment for chemical industry, scientific research unit, university and college, and quality detection department.

Technical Parameters:

    1.      Impact Speed: 2.9m/s

    2.      Impact Energy: 0.5J 1.0J 4.0J 5.0J

    3.      Swing Hammer Elevation: 150°

    4.      Impact Centre Distance: 230mm

    5.      Impact Ductility Round Angle: R 0.5

    6.      Length Between vices: 40 60 62 70

    7.      Shape Size: 420mm×250mm×700mm

    8.      Net Weight: 105kg