Model SQ-80 Metallography specimen cutting machine can be used to cut
various metal and non-metal materials so as to get specimen and observe the
metallography or lithofacies structure. The equipped cooling system can clear
up the heat produced during cutting so that it will avoid the metallography or
lithofacies structure deforming of specimen because of heating fluence. This
machine features easy operation and reliable safety. It is the necessary
specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research
institutes and laboratories of colleges.


Technical specifications:
1. Power supply: 380V, 50Hz (three phases)
2. Rotating speed of main shaft: 2800 rpm
3. Max. cutting diameter: Ø80mm
4. Sand wheel specification: 250 x 1.2 x 32mm
5. Motor: Y2-1001-2, 3.0 KW