Model Q-3A Metallography specimen cutting machine can be used for cutting
of normal metallography and lithofacies materials. The equipped cooling
system can clear up the heat produced during cutting so that it will avoid the
metallography structure deforming of specimen because of heating fluence.
The cutting against rock and ceramics materials must be equipped with
diamond sand wheel (diamond sand wheels need to be ordered specially).
This machine features easy operation and reliable safety. It is the ideal
specimen preparing instrument for using in factories, scientific research
institutes and laboratories of colleges.


Technical specifications:
1. Max. cutting width: 60mm
2. Max. cutting height: 80mm
3. Max. diameter of cutting surface: Ø50mm
4. Sand wheel specification: 250 x 2.5 x 32mm
3. Sand wheel rotating speed: 2800 rpm
4. Motor: Y900L-2, 2.2 KW
5. Dimensions: 58 × 56 × 68 cm
6. Net weight: 150 Kg